What is Home Automation?
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What is Home Automation?

The way we watch TV, listen to music and communicate with each other is governed by the amazing technological advances that have been made in recent years. But what makes it even more exciting is that this is only the beginning. Multi-Room TV, Multi-Room Music, High Speed Broadband, 4K and Internet TV are all playing a major part in our lives. There are thousands of properties typically at the higher end of the market that have some form of multi-room home entertainment system, but even at the more affordable end of the market it is important for house builders, property developers, architects and consultants to realise how essential it is to design properties that have the infrastructure to deal with modern demands. Home Automation includes all of the services associated with Multi-Room Home Entertainment but with the added features of building controls and security. Lighting, Heating, Air-Conditioning, Blinds, Curtains, Windows and doors can all be automated. Home Cinema, CCTV and Security as well as Video Entry for properties that have electric gates can all be part of one system. Energy efficiency is high on the government’s agenda but it isn’t just something that is beneficial to the environment, it is also reduces costs for the consumer. Home Automation does more than just make life easier for households it also helps to reduce fuel bills for the life of the property. Imagine being able to take complete control of your home using your smart phone or tablet PC. Well now you can which is why E-LIFE really does give you Your Home in Your Hands.

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