Security & Video Entry
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Security & Video Entry

Protecting your home and your family should always be high on the agenda when designing your home automation system. Integrating the security can allow some very clever deterrents to be used. An example would be, should an alarm be activated, a combination of internal and external lighting can be automatically switched on. A timed sequence of lights can be triggered thus making the intruder believe someone is moving around inside. Many companies within the security industry lose sight of the objective of installing a security system. Often they are preoccupied with selling a particularly lucrative product or they lack experience. Our objective has always been to protect our clients from having a loss and to provide them with the necessary peace of mind. To achieve this we call upon all our skills, experience and unrivalled breadth of in house products and services. Access Control solutions and monitored CCTV can ensure that the burglar is picked up and warned off before any damage is done. As part of your home automation system we can help you manage how you and your family enter and leave your property. A discreet camera at your door or gate allows you to view visitors, speak with them and grant them access from any position around the home. Technology today includes biometric finger print access for even greater levels of security.

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