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Rako lighting systems make the Smart Home dream a reality but can equally be applied to other applications. Office, meeting and conference facilities take on a more professional image with moods for presentations and meetings. Restaurants and bars can change the environment, enhancing customers’ experience with smooth fading, reducing the impact and intrusion of cumbersome switching. Scene changes can be easily selected by staff or automatically from repeatable timed events. Hotel rooms can add sophistication giving guests a little extra luxury whilst dining and public areas benefit from a more relaxing feel as scenes become more intimate as the evening progresses. Mood lighting systems offer the user the ability to recall a scene, or mood of lighting, at the touch of a single button despite controlling multiple circuits and lamp types. Circuits are split to define zones and highlight room features and are programmed to suit the different uses of a space. Scene changes incorporate fade times giving subtle lighting transitions. Advanced technologies allow control of all light fittings, including the dimming of LEDs, fluorescent lighting and low voltage fittings, saving energy and increasing lamp life as lamps are dimmed. Push button systems allow two, or multi-way control and can be controlled from hand-held remotes as well as the new generation of Smartphones. Digital communication means system integration is easily achievable, linking lighting to audio-visual, security and home/building controllers, including control of curtains, blinds and screens. Rako offers a number of installation options including wireless control for ease of installation and retrofit applications. More complex projects may suit the wired network with centralised RAK units, or possibly combined systems giving a mix of both. The ability to offer wireless, wired or combined options means Rako can provide the best possible approach for any project and gives the safety net should cables be forgotten or extra wall-plates be needed after walls are sealed. Rako realise that planning a project can be confusing, especially with the vast array of lamp types and fittings now available.

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Rako’s wireless system provides all the benefits of a sophisticated lighting control system without the need to re-wire and can be used in both new and retro-fit installations. The wireless capability provides the most cost effective and simple to install solution saving on cabling and re-decoration. Wireless systems can use either individual modules or Rako’s RAK system with the RxLink wireless interface.

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RAKO Wired System

The Rako wired system is the option for customers who prefer a cabled network. It offers LED backlit buttons with the option for custom etching and ultimately can cope with the largest of projects. Using CAT5 cabling, system components are wired either as a daisy chain network or star arrangement using the RAK-STAR box. Circuits are wired to a central location or a number of hubs, linked together on the network and connected to appropriate RAK-4 packs which include the silent transistorised RAK-4T, RAK-4F for 0-10V, DSI, DALI or switch control. The RAK-4R is available for curtain and blind control and colour changing can be incorporated using Rako DMX or LED control packs.

RAKO Controls

User controls, including wall-plates, PIR’s, time-clocks and system interfaces are added to the network and programmed from a PC connected via Wi-Fi to a Bridge unit. Adding a WTC Bridge to the system gives access to timed events, ‘Holiday Mode’, dawn/dusk programming and advanced macros and mapping features. End users can then program scenes for events such as breakfast, lunch and dinner from an iPhone or iPad providing total user control.

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Combined Technology

The ability to combine Rako wireless and wired systems provides a unique solution for installers and end-users alike. This amazing flexibility gives a remarkable choice in installation methods allowing the creation of a network of components that interact and work seamlessly together. Projects started as completely wired systems have the fall-back position that the addition of wireless modules and wall- plates allows, giving the ‘get out of jail free’ card for when the job doesn’t quite go to plan, or when system expansion is required, after cabling is complete. Some projects may just suit the combined approach such as where a new build or extension is added to an existing building and a lighting control system is required in both parts.

RAKO Bridge

The Rako Bridge used to combine the wireless and wired systems also allows complete control from an iPhone or iPad and can provide remote access to the network from a PC. Addition of the ACM audio control module will enable control of a third party audio system from the combined lighting and audio wall-plates. The whole palette of Rako products and the ability to ‘combine’ allows project designers to plan the best possible solution for any project.

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RAKO Wireless Dimmers

Wireless systems can use either individual modules or Rako’s RAK system with the RxLink wireless interface. Modules wire in-line with each lighting circuit and can be mounted either in the ceiling or in a central cupboard. Split lighting into circuits to allow independent control and provide the ability to highlight different areas and features within a room. Wall-plates can be flush mounted into a standard back-box or can be surface mounted, requiring no cabling at all as they communicate wirelessly with the receiver modules.

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