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Multi-room Music

Multi-Room Music has been around now for many years. You may think that being able to play music from a central CD player or radio is what multi-room music is all about. If you did you’d be sadly mistaken as today’s multi-room music really does push the boundaries of the latest technology.

We have seen a significant shift in how we listen to music and even more so within the last couple of years. If you go back in time music has been supplied on vinyl, cassette, CD’s and then the major breakthrough was downloads. Being able to download music has allowed us to carry around thousands of tracks and hundreds of albums stored on a small MP3 device. These devices have also been connected into multi-room systems so the user can call up a track or album in any room in an instant.

Recent developments now allow us to stream music direct from internet. FM or DAB radios are being replaced by internet radio. Internet radio allows you to search for local and national stations and store them as favourites. If UK stations are not enough and don’t satisfy your musical taste then you can listen to radio stations broadcast from any country in the world. You can search by Country, Type of Music or Categories meaning access to thousands upon thousands of stations.

As well as internet radio there are also a number of subscription based music-streaming services such as Spotify and Napster. Search by Artist, Album or even pick your favourite track. Add your favourite songs to a playlist that you can create in seconds or listen to thousands of playlists that other people have created.

All of this means access to all the music on earth and what better way to listen to it than in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re getting a shower in the morning, relaxing on a Sunday afternoon, having friends round for dinner or throwing a lavish house party. Multi-room music will fill your home with sound no matter what the occasion leaving your guests with a night they will never forget.

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