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Lighting Control

With increasing energy costs, energy consumption becomes ever more important. Despite growing consciousness, private households still consume high quantities of electricity some of which can be saved without forgoing the usual levels of comfort. Modern technologies can increase the sense of well-being within your own home and if energy can be saved as a part of this, then so much the better.

LED technology has hugely improved over recent years and is now a standard requirement for any new build or refurbishment project. Government legislation has meant that most if not all of the lighting fittings installed into a new residential property are LED.

By adding dimmed lighting control will also make a huge difference to the electricity consumption of a large property. As well as energy saving benefits lighting is harmoniously adapted to your own personal requirements. An example would be to set specific lighting scenes that are called up depending on what the room is being used for. Dining, TV, Entertain or Relax are typical examples of lighting scenes that can be programmed into the system. Many people prefer to have low level lighting such as lamps or wall lights all of which can be turned on or dimmed by pressing one button.

Enhanced Security that brings on certain lighting if a potential intruder is detected is also a standard feature of any lighting control system. Add to that Simulated Occupancy that automatically turns lighting on and off when you’re away on holiday will significantly increase your safety and provides added piece of mind.

Whether you require lighting control in one or two rooms or a whole house lighting control system then we are happy to discuss and we will provide you with the various options and the best possible advice.

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