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Future Proofing

Central heating, fitted kitchens and double glazing are all part of the package when buying a new-build property but the construction industry is only just waking up to the fact that people are now demanding a new kind of home – one adapted to our hi tech lifestyles. Houses have been cabled the same way for decades and yet how we communicate with each other, listen to music and watch TV has changed dramatically.

Multi-room TV, Multi-room music, high speed internet, High Definition and recently 3D TV are all playing a major part in our lives. There are thousands of properties typically at the higher end of the market that have some form of multi-room home entertainment system, but even at the more affordable end of the market it is important for house builders, property developers, architects and consultants to realise how essential it is to design properties that have the infrastructure to deal with the services available today and in the future.

New properties have to be fit for purpose but most are not because they don’t service the changes that have taken place in the last few years. Modern homes now need to be built with those technological advances very much at their heart.

This is no longer just for the wealthy, it is for everybody!

Houses and apartments have been cabled the same way for years and with some cables being installed as an afterthought. The answer to this is future proofing your home at the planning and design stage. This can radically change our lives for the better. Future proofing new homes is essential. As new technology flourishes we need to be prepared and ready to embrace it, in all its glory…

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