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Design Packages

As part of our approach to each and every project we will provide a full design service for your Home Automation System. Many AV companies simply don’t have the resource or experience to produce professional and detailed drawings along with full supporting documentation. Our design process would start with producing floor plan layouts detailing the exact positions of where our equipment will be installed. The layout drawings are overlaid onto the existing architects auto-cad plans ensuring that the optimum positions are achieved. We will then conduct a walk-around of the property allowing each client to review and make changes if necessary.

To accompany the floor plan layouts a detailed cable schedule is produced that details each and every cable that will be installed. The cable schedule provides information such as a cable reference, cable type, start and end positions and what the cable is going to be used for. We even provide colour coded cables to provide clear demarcation from the electrical cabling.

As well as floor plan layouts and cable schedules we will also produce elevation drawings for the head end AV rack ensuring it can be installed within the space that has been allocated. This prevents potential issues when the AV rack is ready to be installed. Rack Schematics and further elevation drawings for say TV locations are also an option all of which demonstrate our commitment to provide detailed design, planning and project management for the duration of your project.

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